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I don’t usually reblog other people’s posts, it seems to me like some kind of cheating, but here is an exception!
Unveiling and dis-mystifying creativity, an extraordinary post by Otto von Münchow that I vividly recommend: – … ‘keep the mind open and stay playful’ …
And please, if you like it as I hope you will, visit the original and hit the ‘like’ button there!

Normalmente não republico artigos de outras pessoas, porque me parece uma espécie de batota, mas aqui está uma excepção!
Desvendando e desmistificando a criatividade, um artigo extraordinário de Otto von Münchow que recomendo vivamente: … ‘manter a mente aberta e o espírito brincalhão’ …
E por favor, se gostarem dele como espero que gostem, visitem o original e cliquem lá no ‘like’!

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Padlebrett ved Bay View State Park

If you look up to the very right of my blog you see that the words «Creativity is within us all». That’s because I really believe creativity is accessible to everyone. Yes, we often hear or read this or that artist has an amazing talent – meaning he or she was giving a gift by birth that makes him or her more creative than other people. I am not denying there is such a feature as talent, but being creative doesn’t only relate to someone who is a van Gogh or an Avedon. Creativity can be expressed in so many different ways. Some do it with painting, some with photography, some with how they furnish their home, some through cooking, some with words, some with dance, some with playfulness. And so on. There are no limits to how we can express our creativity. And we all have access to it…

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