Christmas Month!

Some ideas for Christmas home decoration, with origami on glass bottles and jars. The designs are STELARIS and CRISTALIS, two variations of mine on the Fröbel’s star – modular origami, gift wrapping ribbons… Continue reading

Cardboard Tube Tree

The Advent Tree I’m preparing is made out of a cardboard tube. The tube is first cut down to size and its perimeter divided into equal sections (4 to 8, depending on the… Continue reading

Christmas Decoration

These are the decorations for the Advent Tree I’m making. They are 24 in total, all different, 6 in each of 4 colours – white, yellow, red, green – to be suspended in… Continue reading

Advent Inspiration

In the making of: not exactly a calendar, but … a tree! An assemblage project based on upcycling and repurposing: glass containers from food supplements, Christmas wrapping paper scraps, umbrella fabrics and vintage… Continue reading

Golden Red

A 30 units Kusudama – spherical modular Origami design – in progress. See a detail below and what the kusudama will look like in my portfolio. Autumn colours, Christmas colours! :) Artisan |… Continue reading

Provocative Design

“Stop recycling, start repairing!” The Repair Manifesto by Platform 21. “Platform21 = Repairing started with the idea that repair is underestimated as a creative, cultural and economic force …” “Platform21’s Repair Manifesto opposes… Continue reading

A Bunch of Colours

44 translucent tracing paper origami lilies. In celebration of World Origami Days 2015, from October 24th to November 11th! Celebrate origami by spreading the joy of paperfolding during World Origami Days, held each… Continue reading


Another mineral collage, this time only with small beach pebbles. Close-up detail. :) Artisan | 2015 | Colours & Papers 329 |


A mineral collage in progress. Flat stones, sea urchins and tiny pebbles. Close-up detail. :) Artisan | 2015 | Colours & Papers 328 |

Autumn Season

Fabric colours and patterns translating an idea of Autumn. All the yellow-golden-copper-orange-red-crimson-brown leaves, late blooms, berries, nuts and seed pods. Cool temperatures, fresh rain … and of course the Advent. Close-up details. Assemblage… Continue reading

The 5 R’s

As far as sustainability is concerned, the 3 R’s concept – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – is becoming outdated and has been enlarged to a 5 R’s approach. Hence the name and icon of… Continue reading

Christmas Colours and Patterns

It’s three months till Christmas! A selection of patterned papers already spread around in the studio. Some of the work in progress, testing fabrics, papers, moulds and beads. :) Artisan | 2015 |… Continue reading

Peaceful Pigeon

September 21 – United Nations International Day of Peace. “Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day… Continue reading


Just a couple of images today. And a supportive thought, from Albert Einstein to all creative people: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” :) Artisan | 2015 | Colours & Papers 323 |

Because of the Rain

We are having this year’s first feeling-like-Autumn chilly greyish days – bringing umbrellas to mind! A bowl full of key rings, made out of … fabrics of broken umbrellas and discarded electric cables!… Continue reading

Summer Season

Fabric colours and patterns translating an idea of Summer. Soft seas, deep greens, striking bougainvilleas, crops in the fields, starry nights. Cotton mostly, but also linen, silk, jersey, shantung and … even a… Continue reading

Monument to the Tree

A sculpted tree – out of metal scrap. Public art in Odemira (Portugal). Monumento à Árvore – Monument to the Tree, by Portuguese sculptor Aureliano Aguiar. A very inspirational example of splendid art… Continue reading

A Book A Door

To open a book is to open a door – entering other place(s), time(s), world(s). Handmade notebook – CINZO – hard covers in upcycled denim with sculpted front. And when it is a… Continue reading

Piled Patterns

These are plastic filters and caps wrapped in fabric, to be used in assemblage projects. Many colours and lovely patterns! Most fabrics are remnants my mother and grand-mother kept from the time before… Continue reading


A few before-and-after images of some materials I’ve been preparing to upcycle. Paper Haberdashery Plastic After dismantling, sorting and selecting, there’s washing and organizing: now ready to create with! :) Artisan | 2015… Continue reading